About Noreen Miniphy

Noreen Miniphy

I am currently working full-time at the moment in international student recruitment. The hours are long and pressure to attain targets are a moving goalpost.

I have become a Forever Business Owner as their business model enables you to dream big, think big and set achievable goals. Their products are excellent and with commitment and hard work I am looking forward to a totally new flexible work / lifestyle balance that I know this business will give me.

Business Opportunity - When I was introduced to Forever Living and the marketing plan was explained, I saw it as a golden opportunity to build a viable business in the spare moments alongside my present job.

What really impressed me was the fact that I could start a business by just investing in a box of excellent products plus, receiving all the literature required to get the business off the ground for the amazing cost of £199.95.

The support and training one gets from this company is truly amazing and there is always a professional at the end of a phone to give advice and encouragement.

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